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Tips for creating privacy in open space offices

When a company has an open office plan, there are times when privacy is necessary to increase interaction in the workplace. Open-plan workplaces typically offer more opportunities for collaboration but can lack privacy.

Depending on employees’ interests and activities or the firm’s culture, privacy in the workplace may become necessary.

Not all companies have the same objective, and not all employees perform the same tasks. We must consider talent retention and attraction when planning the workspace, ensuring that each component (furniture, lighting, design, etc.) contributes to meeting the needs of the area and its users.

Is privacy vital in open-plan offices? Possibly not from a privacy standpoint. There is a lack of productivity and efficiency because many employees have these problems, which they keep to themselves and don’t communicate with their superiors.

  • Adding desk dividers:

You must put up barriers that enable employees to have privacy to create privacy. Employees can also utilize desk dividers if they are sharing a workstation.

Desk partitions also prevent contagious diseases like the flu and the common cold. After the epidemic, many workers felt safe entering offices, but implementing physical barriers will give your staff a safe and secure space.


  • Movable whiteboards:

Another practical method to increase privacy is to use portable whiteboards. Whiteboards have flat, white, glossy surfaces mounted on wheels and used for writing and drawing.

Workers can use whiteboards in open offices as partitions or barriers. Having employees take notes during meetings and conversations can be pretty beneficial.

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  • Designing quiet spaces:

Open offices became chaotic and appeared to be crowded. Physical barriers are absent in open offices. It occasionally results in distraction and attentional issues. It is perfect for creating silent zones to get around this problem.

A quiet area is any enclosed space that offers peace for employees. If there is a breakroom in your open office, you can make it a relaxing place. Alternately, you may leave quietly from a conference room that isn’t in use.


The noise in an open office can cause workers to get disoriented. A University of Sydney study found that noise was the main factor contributing to low employee morale in open offices. More so than the temperature, the amount of space, the lighting, the air quality, or the workplace cleanliness, it has a detrimental effect on employee morale. In a quiet setting, workers won’t have to worry about noise. They won’t be disturbed by loud noises when working or taking a break, allowing them to concentrate.


Including a Phone Booth

Although a phone booth can seem like an unusual office feature, it can afford workers more privacy. You can’t simply use any phone booth in your open office. You must instead utilize a unique phone booth design intended for businesses.


Office phone booths can be used as quiet spaces because they are soundproof. Some of them are tiny and only big enough for one person. There are larger phone booths in other workplaces that can hold two to four individuals. A phone booth will offer a private and quiet space in an open office, regardless of size.


Install privacy film on glass walls and windows.

Think about covering glass windows and walls with privacy film in an open office. A self-adhesive substance called privacy film is applied to glass surfaces. It should not be confused with privacy filters that block the view through the glass on which computer displays are mounted.


Upgrade to executive Office Chairs :

Purchasing more giant office chairs could provide workers with a little more privacy. All workers need a chair to sit comfortably at a computer. A person cannot be expected to work nonstop for the entire day. It is advised to use oversized chairs rather than small ones. Large seats will give the idea of an enclosed space without actually providing it to the workers.

A sizable chair, such as an executive office chair, will give the employee a feeling of seclusion. They won’t be completely exposed when they sit in it. In large seats, backrests enclose the worker’s body. Therefore, upgrading to a more prominent center can help create a private space in an open office.


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Decorate with Plants

In an open office, plants can help create privacy. They serve as visible barriers that allow workers to stay covert. To develop a sense of seclusion, add some plants to the decor of your available office. Somewhat taller plants will provide workers with a feeling of isolation.

Along with privacy, plants provide many other benefits. Numerous studies have shown that having plants in the workplace boosts productivity and enjoyment. When frequently ingested, plants encourage the body to release feel-good chemicals. After these hormones are released, employees will be more content and successful.


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