Can the reception desk face the main entrance?

Why is the lobby more crucial than we realise?

Our organisations’ front offices serve as their public face. It conveys the first impression, and if poorly handled, this may leave a terrible impression.


Diverse reception areas have different functions; for some, a few chairs are all that is required for short meetings with visitors. While some like to have cosy couches and refreshment areas where customers can wait longer for their appointments,


Always make sure that the reception spaces reflect the standards and culture of your firm. These regions reveal a lot about your company. These locations not only leave a lasting impact on guests, but satisfied clients often tell others about them.

Benefits of a fantastic business reception desk:


Always keep in mind that your storefront is your Reception Desk. which showcases your entire company. First impressions of guests, business partners, and consumers are often formed at the office welcome desk.


Everyone is always warmly welcomed by welcoming, stylish, and well-designed reception counters.

  • Make sure it fosters a positive office atmosphere.
  • Sales, effectiveness, and customer service are all improved.
  • Employee morale and attitude toward work are improved.

Effective methods for building a reception area:

While business strategies and organisational structures vary, some general rules apply to all business models.


individual area

The welcome centre should have its own room, if possible. It aids in reducing noise and distraction brought on by visitors and employee activity. Maintaining the image and perception of the business requires separate rooms for reception spaces. Employee concentration is improved and privacy is increased in a distant room.


Pick the appropriate desk.

There should be a good workstation in the reception area where staff members usually plan meetings. Offices’ main points are their reception areas, where desks and seating configurations are also crucial. It is always great to have a high-quality and appealing product for that.

Customizable and traditional reception tables are available at our cosmofurniturestore. Along with making unique reception tables, we also provide full storage space for them. Every office furniture Dubai collection offers a variety of hard and softwood materials. You can have custom patterns, forms, and even colour schemes.




Create a more welcoming environment


In addition to a traditional desk, the reception room has appropriate seats. While you are available to them, appropriate seating can make clients and customers feel welcome. The seating should be cosy yet stylish and contemporary. The appropriate seating arrangement will improve your area and be consistent with your company’s branding.


Contemporary visiting chairs are designed by They have a distinctive look and shape and are also cosy. You can browse our online store to see our unique selection of office furniture in Dubai. Modern and stylish visitors’ chairs are available in a variety of styles. We guarantee that customers and guests will be at ease while waiting for appointments. Every piece of office furniture in our selection matches your preferred style, budget, and corporate identity.


Visitors are kept busy by adding unique coffee tables with some current magazines or your company portfolio. You can market your brand by placing your newsletters and publications.


the appropriate organisational perception

Reception rooms are perfect for highlighting your organization’s accomplishments and beliefs, as well as giving significance to the waiting area. Your certificates can be hung, and installing display cabinets will provide you a place to put your honours, trophies, and photos on display.


inspiring your staff and making a good impression on your visitors and clients. It will improve the reputation and brand image of your business.




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employee considerations

Although having the nicest reception areas is ideal, the staff who welcomes clients and guests also matters. Choosing a person with effective talents and a welcoming demeanour. so that they might amuse any arriving potential clients.


Make sure your reception areas are welcoming to visitors and potential consumers while also being cosy. A vital consideration is always selecting the ideal workstation, chairs, and décor for your business.

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