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Pop-up sockets are unique and one of the best kinds of sockets. They provide invisible countertop power for different uses and furniture and fully lift themselves at the press-down of a finger. No motor, no electrics, no springs attached.

Pop-up sockets are built from solid steel for strength and durability, all models have the clever ability to be camouflaged in their surroundings. They are designed to be hidden when not in use and can be raised or lowered as needed. They are typically installed in a kitchen, worktop, or desk, and are activated by pressing a button or pulling a lever.

A pop-up socket is a type of specialty electrical outlet that can be concealed from view when not in use. The socket is embedded into the floor or a piece of furniture, and features a button that can be pressed so that the receptacle pops out. This allows users to temporarily plug in a power cord, then flip the socket back down into place when it’s no longer needed. We provide the best pop-up socket that provides the convenience of an accessible power supply without impacting available space or aesthetics.